3D Applications

3ds Max  
Blender *3rd  
Clarisse IFX    
Cinema 4D
Katana  *3rd      
Mandelbulber *3rd      


Standalone/Archive Renderer

Arnold .ass    
(Houdini) Mantra .ifd      
mentalRay .mi  
Renderman .rib    
Redshift .rs      
VRay .vrscene    


Compositing / 2D Applications

After Effects    
ToonBoom Harmony      
Autopano Video      
Innobright Altus      
Nokia OZO      



Any .bat/.sh shell script      
Any Executable      
.py python scripts      
Houdini - .ass/.rib/.ifd/.rs generation      
Maya - Alembic export      
Maya - PhoenixFD sim      
Maya - VRay Bake Textures      
3ds Max - Phoenix FD sim      



Types of support:

Ability to render

OS conversion
The manager is able to replace texture paths insidethe scene file. This allows you to render the scene on multiple OS at the same time.
A gray icon means that the render app uses relative paths. For example Afx or Cinema4D save the footage/texture path relativ to the .afx file. If the file is loaded on a different OS, then the relative path is still valid.
A green icon means absolute paths that RR will change in the scene file itself.
Tile frame
Each frame will be split into stripes and each of these stripes can be send to a different rrClient.
E.g. rrClient "A" renders a stripe of the final image from pixel0-100, rrClient B pixel 101-200, ...
At the end these tiles are assembled into one image. (This is not VRay or mRay distributed rendering which uses multiplemachines to render one frame)
Keep Scene Open
A Client gets some frame(s) to render for a scene as usual. After the frames are finished, the Client gets new frames to render from the rrServer. By default this would mean that the Client starts the application once with the first frames, then the scene is closed and itis started again with the next frame segment.
This KSO feature is the ability to keep the scene loaded between consecutive frame assignments.
*3rd 3rd party
The required files for this application are available as Open Source from either us or 3rd party developers.
Some of these application might be shipped with Royal Render, others have to be downloaded and added to Royal Render.