Customer Quotes

"We like Royal Render as it is easy to setup and stable in long production time"
Daniel Harjanto, BASE Studio


"We have used royal render for over a decade and it's never let us down. Rock solid and supports tons of packages."
Chad Briggs - Excutive Creative Director - Element X Creative


"I have been using RR since the beginning. I have brought it into 3 places I h ave worked. No one has ever been
disappointed when I have brought it in to a company. I love the reliability, support and technical knowledge."
Perry Harovas, World Wrestling Entertainment


"Royal Render is our Backbone of the Company. Not just for Rendering, but also for Administration Tasks on the
farm and especially with tight Connection to our self developed inhouse Pipeline the important System to bring
everything together."
Christian Haas, LUXX Studios


"Royal Render support is amazing. I've rarely seen such speedy, thoughtful and thorough support from a developer.
Highly recommended!"
Nicholas Boughen - CG Masters


"Thanks to the great team that makes and supports Royal Render!"
TOPIX Computer Graphics


"Royal Render when you need your Frames rendered reliable!"
Frank Lenhard PiXABLE STUDIOS/Mastersolution AG


"Royal Render
Royal Features
Royal Stability
Royal Ease-of-use
– Just ROYAL
– The choice of Render Kings"
Walter Vestergaard, founder 3D Connection