User management
Royal Render has a build in user management. Decide which job settings users are allowed to change, which configuration they can access and who is RRender administrator.

Auto "Wake up on LAN" and auto shutdown
If your machines are not used at night for about an hour, they will be shut down. If a job is send which requires more than the active machines, they are waked up via LAN. Saves power, noise and temperature.          

Collect any machine information
If you have any console application that prints some information about the client (e.g. NCidia driver version, CPU generation, …), then you can create a scripted job to collect this information into a table.

Remote batch execution
Run install scripts on rrClients. If the rrClient is installed, you can do almost anything via remote. Commandline installation of software/plugins, copy plugins, … Just create a new RR job for it by loading the script/batch file into the rrSubmitter.  And if the machine is powered off, the client gets the job once the machine is started.

Client Status
Clients report their CPU and memory usage for eah job and for the whole system.

As RRender uses a centralized program folder, updates to the render farm are done within 3 minutes. No need to stop the render farm. The updater takes care of everything.