How to order / get a license

  1. Download and install Royal Render.
  2. Fill out the registration/license form in rrConfig (last tab).
  3. Upload a license request file via rrConfig.
  4. Buy RRender via the links provided in rrConfig, via your reseller or ask our support.
  5. Once the order system notifies us that you have ordered and paid for the packages via their website, we send a license file.



VAT information:
    Prices are without any VAT.

    We offer the prices values in EURO and USD, which are the same for perpetual licenses.
    Due to exchange rates, the actual amount of money paid is different.
    You can choose the currency at the order page.

Client package information:

  • We offer clients in client packs only. (Just compare it to a six-pack of beer or a plastic beer-box).
  • A client package is stackable with other client packages.
    (  28 clients =     1x 20-Client-pack   +   2x 4-Client-pack)
  • 1 client license is for 1 machine/computer (all cores)
  • You do not need to have a license for machines that submit jobs.
    But: RR is designed to run well on workstations that are used by Artists. RR can render at night or if nobody is logged in or in the background with less cores and low system priority.

University/Educational Institute:
     We offer 70% discount for universities or other educational institutes.
     We offer 80% discount for universities or other educational institutes with 60 clients or more.




New Licenses - yearly Subscription and Rental:


  • Subscription licenses include support&mantenance.

  • Subscription and Rental Licenses can be combined with perpetual licenses (requires RR v8.2.10+)
Clients Price in US Dollar Price in Euro
4-Client pack    1 year 195 175
4-Client pack    3 months 60 55



Perpetual - New Licenses:

Clients Price in US Dollar or Euro Price per client
  4-Client pack 650 162,5
 20-Client pack 2750 (15% discount) 137,5
 40-Client pack 5000 (23% discount) 125
100-Client pack 11000 (32% discount) 110


Perpetual - Support&Maintenance (information at bottom of ths page):

Clients Price in US Dollar or Euro Price per client
  4-Client pack 125/ year
 20-Client pack 515/ year (18% discount) 25,7
 40-Client pack 885/ year (29% discount) 22,1
100-Client pack 2000/ year (36% discount) 20,0





rrCloud prices:

  • rrCloud minutes are available FOR FREE for now.
  • One rrCloudConnector* takes 1 default rrClient license.
  • Your main RR license has to be on support & maintenance.
  • We offer pre-paid only. (Like your pre-paid mobile, you charge RR with cloud hours first, then you can use them)
  • Each VM instance costs per second as long as the rrCloudClient is running, no matter if rendering or not.
  • Prices are for Royal Render only. They do not include VMs nor render app licenses.
Cloud Hours Package price in US Dollar or Euro =Price per hour per VM
   500 hours 90 0,18/h
5 000 hours 700 0,14/h
20 000 hours 1800 0,09/h
75 000 hours 5250 0,07/h

* rrCloudConnector:
One rrCloudConnector can control up to 1000 VMs. (1000 with one job thread each, or 500 with 2 job threads each)
A different VM source image or a different VM configuration requires a new rrCloudConnector.
Different VM configurations are for example Batch vs non-Batch, Low-Priority vs full price or with a Maya+Arnold license vs no License.



Support & Maintenance

Without Support & Maintenance:

  • 3 months technical support to install RR and get it running. Further support is not guaranteed.
  • 3 months essential updates with some bug fixes, but without new features.

With Support Contract:

  • You get all new features.
  • All new minor versions with bug fixes and new features
  • All new major releases with new features.
  • Further render support (e.g. render job issues not directly related to RR)
  • Remote sessions on request

Join support contract later:

  • We offer that you can order the support contract “backdated” if it expired a few months ago.
    E.g.  Your support ended in March 2022 and you decide to get on support in August 2022.
    If you join the support contract in August 2022, the ordered year will be from March 2022 to March 2023
  • If it expired more than a few months ago, please contact support.


Different number of client packs with support and without support:

  • Our system will calculate the end of the support based on client days.
  • Example 1: If you own 20 clients with a year support and order 20 new clients without support,then you get support for 40 clients for 1/2 year.
  • Example 2: On the other side, if you have 20 clients and you order 1 year support for 40 clients, you get 2 years support for your 20 clients.