Quick Information

  • Compability:
    RR 8.0 is compatible with RR 7.0 submission scripts, render configs, submitter preset files, ...
    You do not need to change your pipeline, but you might need top update a few setting.

  • Free upgrade:
    If you have been on support on 1.Nov.2016, then your license will work for RR8.
    New license files have already been send to those customers.

  • Order:
    Please contact support.

  • How the upgrade to RR 8.0 works:
    • After you have received the new license file, you replace your existing license file.
    • Check the "What you have to change" help page (link see below).
    • Then execute the updater

Detailed information

The new help pages include sections about the update procedure and new features.
RR 8 help page www.royalrender.de/help8